MINIS in savannah...intro

Posted by murmini Mon, 07 Nov 2005 17:29:00 GMT

There sure are a lot of Minis in Savannah. I was chased by one over the President Street bridge this morning and see one now almost every two or three days. The odd wave, or hands thrown up through the sunroof remind me that the camaraderie of Mini ownership lives on. Hopefully we can pull a few enthusiasts together and ride out to the beach or something….. well just because its fun.



  1. JBUSA said 10 days later:
    Let's get a dialog going. I MINI around town all the time. Chili Red 2002 July build MCS Rouge CAI 15% pully Magnaflow exhaust H sport rear sway bar UUC front brakes Pilo racing coilpack Nology hotwires Densko Iridium plugs Centerline RPM 17 inch wheels Goodyear F1 Gs G3 tires Boom
  2. murmini said 10 days later:
    thanks for leaving a message - I am hoping we can get a few of us together - for a ride to the beach if nothing else. How are the goodyears? I am considering some new tyres... murmini
  3. JBUSA said 11 days later:
    44,600 miles on the car. Third set of tires. Two sets of Yokohamas now the Goodyear tires. Like the Goodyear tires better. Looked at your background. I'm March 1951. Ever check out SAGIS.ORG? JB

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