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Les Porter has come up with a unique and timely application - an on-line place to store all of your vehicle fuel use and cost, monitor your fuel consumption and mileage with interactive logs. Its called

You can also compare your vehicle's gas mileage to other vehicle makes, models and classes. Actually Les started the site 1 year ago this past October and is reporting some interesting statistics from his users.

• Average Total Cost: $21.93
• Average Fuel Quantity: 10.863 gal
• Average Cost Per Gallon: $2.019
• Average Miles Traveled: 304.94 mi
• Average Miles Per Gallon: 28.07 mi
• Average Days Passed: 7.0
• Average Miles Per Day: 38.42

If your wondering how much this all costs, its just $1 for three months and to really sweeten the deal Les is celebrating his anniversary by giving the first three months for free! The site has attracted a lot of Mini and Cooper S owners.

Les drives a Mini Cooper S

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