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Posted by murmini Thu, 17 Nov 2005 19:18:00 GMT

So your tooling down the road in your mini and enjoying the feedback of the 'lively' steering wheel. Your frequently taking your right hand off to shift gears and you decide, for one reason or another, that you would like to put your window up. Unlike most cars with electric windows, including our direct cousins the BMWs, you have to stop all this fun shifting and HOLD your finger on the window 'up' button and HOLD it there until the window completely closes. Well the minis made for export to the USA do not have the auto-up feature due some risk of injury from people closing the window while their head is sticking out or their arm or a small child.

Anyway, assuming you can handle the risk of such incidents occurring Ian Cull, an English engineer living in the USA had designed and built an Auto-Up circuit board that you can simply install yourself. Once the auto-up feature is enabled, it can be activated by a quick double-click up of the appropriate window toggle switch. I installed it on an 05 MCS and it took all of 15 minutes. My install notes are on Ian's install page.

Now the sad news is that Ian announced that he wasn't going to make anymore. There were a lot of manual steps involved and although he sold about 500 a year it was a bit overwhelming for him. The GOOD NEWS today is that he is going back into production soon and will hopefully be making them available again.

The 2nd feature available on the circuit is Track Mode DSC. If your mini has DSC, then it is activated every time you turn on the car. The circuit has a "track mode DSC" feature which can be easily enabled on demand by the driver for a track day; for normal road use the feature can be quickly disabled again. You can learn how to enable/disable the track mode DSC feature in the Installation details.

Ian's Auto-Up circuit is one of the best modifications you can make to your car. Its is inexpensive, easy to install by yourself and is a great addition to any mini. I will let you know when Ian gets back into production.

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