MC Squared (MC2) Magazine to launch soon

Posted by murmini Tue, 22 Nov 2005 11:27:27 GMT

The first issue of MCSquared magazine is about to become reality and should be out by December 2nd. I believe there are a few Charter Subscriptions left and they are issuing a limited edition T-Shirt to the first 2000 North American subscribers. More info here.



  1. Manuel Tobar said 8 months later:
    I would like to subscribe Please tell me how?
  2. murmini said 8 months later:
    You can subscribe to the magazine at their website In the USA, the magazine is also available at some larger bookstore such as Barnes and Noble. We just ran their press reselase here.
  3. said over 2 years later:

    With all the articles on mini performance, why isnt there one on building a high mileage MINI? I figure you should be able to set a goal of 45to47miles per gallon,with the high price of gas that is going to get even higher this might be a series articles that might be of interest to your readers.No close cource compition here,do it on the real roads that you and I drive every day,no shutting off the motor and coasting down hill, This could bringabout some new products and Miniology you could make it a compition like a rally open to all.

  4. murmni said over 2 years later:

    I agree! We did have a competitive leg from Charleston to Savannah last year fro the Great Ice Cream Run sponsored by MINI of Charleston

    One of the biggest challenges meeting manufacturers in achieving great gas mileage is emission control. So while the engines are frequently quite efficient, the demands of smog standards and catalytic converters are frequently working against them.

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