Auto-Up Circuits from Ian Now Available...

Posted by murmini Tue, 27 Dec 2005 19:55:11 GMT

Ian’s Auto-Up Window Circuits are once again available. He has produced 128 of them but they are going fast. This is an easy mod to do yourself and provides you with several options:

  • Auto-Up Windows only $45
  • Auto-Up and Track Mode DSC $48
  • Auto-Front Fog Light Add-On $18 (requires auto-up circuit)
  • Garage Door add-on $49-$53 (contact Ian)

Ian’s site is here.



  1. Ian C. said 22 days later:
    Thank you :)
  2. Ian C. said 22 days later:
    Oh, that sliding down of the page to show my new comment was super-cool!
  3. murmini said 22 days later:
    Thanks... we do try !

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