Fuel Gauge Problems Fixed

Posted by murmini Thu, 29 Dec 2005 06:44:00 GMT

Couple of mornings recently I fired it up only to find the gas gauge at zero causing a brief moment of panic until one recalls filling up just a couple of days ago. Next time I started it it was fine so I assumed a bad sender unit as the on board computer was also going nuts trying to calculate the distance I could go on the remaining fuel and just showing dashes in place of a mileage reading.

On subsequent startups, it was showing completely full or completely empty and occasionally something that looked correct. So a quick call to Chris Wells at Mini of Charleston and I had an appointment to get a new sender unit installed and calibrated. We are very lucky to have such a responsive and supportive service team, its just a shame they are as far away as Charleston.

All is now well, the fuel gauge is behaving perfectly and the OBC is reporting what seems to be correct data.



  1. kimmy said 13 days later:
    Hi there, I just found your blog, linked to it from NAM. I mostly lurk around there, love to read about MINIs. While there are tons of MINIs in the SAV, I haven't found too many enthusiasts, basically just drivers. That's too bad... maybe something we can change. I have a stock chili red/white O5 MCS that's usually parked in the vicinity of Madison Square. If you see me, make sure to wave! Happy Motoring!
  2. murmini said 14 days later:
    Excellent! I am sure we can change that and gather a few enthusiasts for a trip somewhere! At some point I will put a database on here for registering vehicles. I will wave! (MCS - JCW BRG /White) murmini
  3. Mark Vogler said 14 days later:
    I'd like to welcome your blog to GoMotoring.com! Keep up the great work!
  4. murmini said 15 days later:
    Thank you Mark - I appreciate the link. I have both your site and your blog listed in our links. Thanks again.
  5. Sarah said about 1 year later:

    For some reason when i go to refuel my Mini, the gas will click off almost immediatley when i start it. Can anyone help me?

  6. murmini said about 1 year later:

    You mean the filler nozzle at the gas station clicks off? What type of MINI do you have? Try putting the nozzle in and twisting a little to the left or right.

  7. brew said over 2 years later:

    the little pin in the gas door is stuck in the in position resulting in the gas mileage per litre gauge reading 0.0, anyone know how to fix this? 2005 mcs.

  8. murmini said over 2 years later:

    Woah I was unaware that the gas lock has anything to do with the consumption computation which takes place in the ECM module via the CAN bus. If fact, I don’t see how ‘knowing’ how many times you open and close your fuel cap would actually contribute to calculating fuel consumption. Do make sure you polling through to the ‘Ave’ consumption not the current ‘Actual’ consumption which will read 0 at rest. Sorry not to be of any more help – but so let us know what transpires. BTW you can release your gas door easily by looking behind the driver’s seat and opening the small 1/4 panel and reaching up to a small pull cable – pull it backwards and it will open the fuel door.

  9. concrete guy said over 16 years later:

    Excellent! I am sure we can change that and gather a few enthusiasts for a trip somewhere!

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