Posted by murmini Wed, 25 Jan 2006 16:00:00 GMT

Last week, while traveling south on I-95, I was confronted with a huge chunk of truck tire that came out from under the car in front of me. Unfortunately, I was in the middle of three lanes and, with no where to go, I was obliged to drive right over it.

As I did I heard this devastating noise as it ripped off the lower rubber valence that skirts the lower air intake, and a huge “wack’ as it hit the lower radiator and air conditioner condenser and removed the entire under engine plastic protector plate. Upon a close roadside inspection, it looked horrible. The radiator and condenser were bent like a banana and the usual ‘happy’ look of the front lower grill had been inverted into a scowl.

Well… it was maddening, frustrating and somehow just plain unfair! Looking at the ‘teeth marks’ of the unwarrented assault I found chunks of rubber, leading me to believe it was probably a piece of a truck’s retread tire. One frequently sees these ‘road ‘gators’ littered down the side of many interstates with alarming frequency. Well after establishing that no fluids were leaking, all pressures were good and no mini blood had been spilt I sallied forth.

The following week involved a visit to a local body shop for an insurance evaluation, the result of which was an insurance estimate of close to $1300 ! WOW. The insurance company immediately settled and after getting the parts ordered I was off to MINI of Charleston for the fix. As usual, Chris Wells, service advisor, was exceptionally accommodating and managed to get the job done in 1 day and even managed the insurance paperwork for me when we found a few extra bits that had been removed in the ‘attack’ !

Drove back to Savannah feeling very good that it was fixed, back to normal, fully healed and maybe running even a little sweeter… or was that just the cool January evening air?.



  1. Les Porter said about 17 hours later:
    Ouch. I'm sure you nearly threw up as you were experiencing it and looking at it afterward. I once got stuck in the same situation (trapped in the middle of 3 lanes) and was forced to run over a metal rain gutter that had fallen off of a truck. Not good.
  2. Ian C. said 4 days later:
    Very glad that the damage was relatively minimal
  3. WaltDe said 7 months later:

    Very good reading. Peace until next time. WaltDe

  4. loemrntdherid1 said over 11 years later:

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