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Posted by murmini Wed, 15 Feb 2006 23:23:00 GMT

Whiteroof radio, the mini podcast put together with incredible frequency by Don Burnside (better known as db) , Todd Pearson (a self-confessed dangerous MINI owner) and Gabe Bridger (editor of motoring file) just seems to go from strength to strength. They have just put up woofcast #35 and you should certainly check it out.

You can download it from whiteroofradio.com, listen to it at odeo or podcast alley or, of course, you can use iTunes (Mac and Windows) or iPodder (Windows). There are others of course. You can either download and listen on your machine or transfer to your iPod or mp3 player. If you use one that lets you subscribe it manages the new shows, deletes or archives the old ones, loads them to your player and generally makes it very easy for you. Great shows… take a listen.

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  1. db said 5 minutes later:
    Thanks for the kind words, the links, and of course, for listening! Glad you enjoy the show! :)

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