MINIs in Savannah

Posted by murmini Thu, 09 Mar 2006 14:23:27 GMT

I saw four MINI Coopers today, a Yellow one, a Red one, another Yellow one and really smart Silver one with a Black Roof.
Thanks for all of the waves!



  1. Michelle said 18 days later:
    Absolutly love my mini! I didn't know there was a space on the web to show that love! :) I live in Statesboro, and drive one of the few minis in town: Purple Haze Convertible! :)
  2. murmini said 18 days later:
    Welcome! Thanks for your comment. I hope you will drop by the site frequently and at some point, we are going to organize some outings... assuming thats what people would like to do.
  3. Michelle said 19 days later:
    Right-o! :) There is a car show in Statesboro May 20th... Would love to see a strong Mini-Presence!
  4. murmini said 19 days later:
    So... lets find some info on the show and we can post it on the site... maybe even scare up a few local mini owners..
  5. Jeremy said 26 days later:
    Hi Murray - Quick note to let you know that your tire recommendation was perfect! I bought the BF Goodrich g force T/A KD2's from TireRack and had them installed at Savannah tire. Just got the car back this morning and they're so much nicer than the run-flats. I ended up saving about $120 total after shipping and installation... bought the tires on Thursday and they were delivered to Savannah Tire on Friday! Some people (on complained that the g-force's were very loud, but I have no complaints. They don't make any more noise than the stock run flats. They run smooth and feel great. Thanks again! jeremy
  6. murmini said 26 days later:
    Jeremy: I too just love the 'gforce' tires. Hard not to love just about any tire after using run-flats, but these BF Goodrich tires really do perform well on the mini.
  7. Notorian M said about 1 month later:
    I am a born and raised GA boy (Conyers, Ga.) who is currently living in Sicily, Italy and I just brought a 1973 Innocenti Mini. I get most of my parts from here and in the U.K. But my Mini and I will be coming back to the Georgia area and I was just wondering if there were any places in the U.S that made or stocked replacement parts? Thanks!
  8. murmini said about 1 month later:
    There are several places for classic mini parts on-line such as MiniMania To my knowledge, there are no places in Georgia. What parts are you looking for?
  9. Nate said 10 months later:

    Just stumbled over this site… that smart silver one with black roof may have been mine!

  10. murmini said 10 months later:

    Nate: Come along to one of our 1st Sunday Motoring events when you have time…

  11. loemrntdherid1 said over 12 years later:

    Thanks for sharing the such information with us.

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