MyAutoLog Now Works with Internet-Enabled Wireless Devices

Posted by murmini Thu, 16 Mar 2006 18:26:00 GMT

Les Porter, at has just introduced a service that lets you enter fueling data via any internet-enabled mobile device without installing any software. Les’s brilliant innovation lets you enter your fill-ups right at the pump and stop writing down your odometer reading and filing away your receipt. Save your trips Log or your trip mileage when you arrive at your destination and stop recording your trips in a paper log book. It should be appreciated for its ease of use and certainly saves you having to find a pencil, or the receipt later. Lots of mini owners using the site and some excellent data on cooper and cooper s fuel consumption with over 450 mini fueling records to compare yours to. Its free for 3 months and then $1 per 3 months of usage.. Nice service Les.

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  1. Les Porter said 7 days later:
    Thanks for mentioning on your website. I like the new banner image on your site. For some reason it gives me a southern feeling without the Spanish moss.

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