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Posted by murmini Fri, 14 Jul 2006 07:07:44 GMT

In coordination with the Monterey to Lime Rock MTTS Mini Takes the States tour coming up in 2006, MC2Magazine has announced that they will be attending the tour in it’s entirety and the have committed a minimum of 16 pages to be devoted to the story in issue #5. Details on the MTTS tour are available on the mini usa website but an even better description has been put up by Ian Cull, who runs gbmini it can be seen here. So how many of you are going on the event or at least a couple of legs of it? The rest of the news release concerning MC2 Magazine is below.

“As you know, the MTTS tour is coming fast. When we were approached by MINI some months ago we made a commitment that we’ve been unable to speak of until of late. Both Gary and I will be on the entire route, from Monterey to Lime Rock. By midnight every day our commitment is to load our Daily Journal into the MINI USA/MTTS site, with an additional amount of coverage available from our MC2 website. This will be several hundred words and a dozen or so photos, maybe more if time permits. We believe we’re the only journalists/magazine to provide this level of service!

Also of interest to everyone is that we have been invited to test the first prototypes of the 2007 MCS. We are delaying the shipping of issue #4 by two weeks and moving fast to have this world’s-first coverage into issue #4 available at Monterey August 16 and in your mailbox by month’s end. There will be just six magazines on this test, so we’re very happy and honored!

We will follow this major editorial with another one in issue #5 with our test of the actual MCS 2007 model that will be shown to a selected list of US journalists in September. Once again, we’re highly honored, as the list is short.”

From a Press Release from MC2 Magazine…



  1. said about 7 hours later:
    I'm doing MTTS - but you probably knew that ;)
  2. murmini said about 8 hours later:
    I was aware of that Ian... and a little envious! Assuming you don't get arrested for sales tax violations, your going to have a blast and I will make a point of keeping up with your progress...Maybe I should drive up and joing legs 9 - 11? I see your busy with your mini sites... thank goodness for RSS
  3. Ian C. said about 13 hours later:
    I think you should join MTTS - it's going to be a major MINI event :) But remember - registration ends this weekend ...
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