Remembering MTTS

Posted by murmini Tue, 05 Sep 2006 02:31:11 GMT

After returning home and beginning to reflect on the activities of MINI Takes The States it really comes down to the wonderful people who were a part of this lifetime experience.

Risking that I just might forget someone I do want to give a big shout to Keith Lewarne and John Griffin, Kat, Becky, Rene, Amos and Katie from Nashville, Taylor from Atlanta, Bill Funkhouser, Brad and Gary, Ian Cull of GBMINI, Gary and Barry from MC2 Magazine, Tod and Gabe from WhiteRoofRadio, Mark Vogler from GoMotoring, Traci Hill from Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners - MINI's ad agency from Sausalito, CA., Matt from MINI of Charleston and a very special thanks to Catherine, who navigated for a whole gaggle of MINIS coming through Ohio, located all the best coffee shops and ale houses and was a great copilot!

Repeating what I think every participant has been saying, a HUGE thank you goes to MINI USA and the remarkably dedicated people from RA Events who staged each event. Thank you to all the people who made sure that all our needs were met, from coffee in the mornings to VIP party tents with food and refreshments in the evenings and so much more!

While we only experienced a part of MTTS, we were completely caught up in the enthusiasm and dedication of the teams supporting us. A truly memorable event that will go down in MINI USA history!



  1. Ian C. said 1 day later:

    Well said Murray – thought it looks like you were cut off mid sentence at the end!

  2. murmini said 1 day later:

    Thank you Ian… not sure quite what transpired…

  3. Kat aka Minipenny said 4 days later:

    Yo Murray! Thanks for the shout out! Wonderful to meet someone with excellent taste in MINIs. ;) Glad you made it home alright. Much fun motoring with you. Still on the East Coast but will be travelling back to SF next week. XOXO

  4. John "JC" said 7 days later:

    Hey Murray,

    Thanks for making the MTTS roadtrip so memorable. We had so much fun that it is quite hard to return to our normal routine. I look forward to meeting up in the future for more roadtrips.

    Take care, John

  5. murmini said 10 days later:

    Big Hello to all the wonderful people we met on the trip, you all made it really special for us!

  6. Bill Funkhouser & WildThing said 2 months later:

    It was so much fun and good to have my memory refreshed by your site. Take care & lsts get together again!

    peace wildbill (bill funkhouser & WildThing)

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