The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 2

Posted by murmini Sun, 10 Jun 2007 17:33:20 GMT

The participants The Great Ice Cream Run, had a grand time in Savannah yesterday at Leopold's Ice Creme Shop. A wonderful turnout from our local Coastal MINI club, visiting MINI owners from SunShine MINIS in Florida and the wonderful people who took part in the MINI of Charleston sponsored run to Savannah.

The festivities kicked off with parade from the host hotel on 95 to the downtown historic district provided locals and visitors alike to a wonderful parade of MINIS around the Historic District, along River Street and a final assembly on Broughton Street centered around Leopold's Ice Cream shop.

Over 40 MINIS were on display and the hot summer night was cooled by the constant flow of tasty treats of specially named ice cream like Chili Red Raspberry Sorbet, Pepper White Vanilla and British Racing Green Mint Chocolate Chip. The night was festive and fun for all. Everyone loved the MINIS, and loved the concept of driving to Maine on a quest for ice cream and raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation.

A HUGE thanks to everyone in Savannah who made the party possible and in particular to the wonderful people at The Creative Coast Initiative, the management and staff at Leopold's and everyone else who gave so much of their time to make it work!Â

Day2Day 2 commenced with a gathering at the hotel and then Ian Cull of GBMINI and I led the pack as we took off for a run up to South Carolina. We took a water break at a rest stop and met a great group of PT Cruisers out for a spin, who had no difficulty in understanding The Great Ice Cream Run! We met up with our fellow motorist, David Slack and his daughter Erica and teamed up with them for the rest of the day. As we honed in our first ice cream shop of of the day, who should appear in my rear view mirror than Twister - Mark Vogler of Go Motoring fame . We searched high and low for the shop, determined it to be in a mall that looked deserted and a bit illusive, but it wasn't too long before we found the next and were discussing the flavors and textures of ice cream with an authority know only to wine connoisseurs.

The day culminated in a splendid MINI event at Ice Cream Bar in Statesville, North Carolina where we all got to share our stories of the day. Ian Cull has some great pictures of the the days events at GBMINI.

Here is a great video produced by the wonderful people at Paragon Design - it captures the Savannah event very nicely.



  1. murphy said 4 months later:

    Great story, wish I had been there.

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