The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 3

Posted by murmini Mon, 11 Jun 2007 22:21:27 GMT

Today its was off to the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia and we were greatly rewarded with a day of some of the best driving roads we have seen. Ian, David and Erica and I left the hotel after a cloudy start and we were expecting rain.

Day3-A SmallWithin a couple of hours of the day started to clear up and after some driving on I-77 we branched off for the much anticipated drive on the Blue Ridge Highway.. . .but first... we had to get some Ice Cream!  Nowhere finer could have been the selected for the creamy comestibles than with the good people of MAGGIEMOO'S Ice Cream. The ice cream you is blended with the toppings and extras you chose on a frozen stone slab right before your eyes.
John Stanley, the owner, was so friendly and it was a tear to get up and back on the road (for some of us) after hearing his description of "...the bar-b-que place up the road. Later on in the evening we hear just how remarkably tasty it was. But we had some driving to do.
FoamhengeEn-route, we swung by FoamHenge and marveled at all the styrofoam, then on to The Blue Ridge Parkway. The parkway is incredibly beautiful and, not being the weekend, it was very light on traffic. It never ceased to take our breath, the misty mountain tops, the deep valleys and the way the road just kept throwing corner after corner at us.  Combined with the constant switchback of hills it provided almost Alpine like driving conditions, without the traffic.

I was certainly able to confirm that the Eagle F1s did an incredible job of hugging the twisties and the car performed brilliantly. Its roads like this that truly bring the MINI to life, the close ratio gearbox providing the absolute power and control and the sure-footedness and agility of the suspension to place the car safely and precisely where it needs to be.  A true joy!

Our evening was a well earned rest and vitals at Wright's Dairy Rite a classic diner that has been serving the people of Staunton, for over 50 years. There are some wonderful pictures on their website from the early days and the owner, Mr James E. Cash was terrific and told us stories of the early days, the famous visitors that have frequented the place and the incredible turn out they have twice each year for their Cruise-In events for antique and classic cars.. . .but as the trip we are on is all about ice cream, I must leave you their famous dessert. The WRIGHT'S WHEELIE - a fresh glazed donut grilled until hot and crispy, topped with Vanilla ice cream, Whipped Cream, and your choice of topping. GOSH !

Ian Cull of GBMINI has done a terrific job of capturing so much of each day here.



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