The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 4

Posted by murmini Tue, 12 Jun 2007 06:38:09 GMT

Today we travel north east through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. We will travel to Waynesboro  where the Blue Ridge Parkway gives way to the Skyline Drive.

Day4-A SmallThe Skyline Drive was very pleasant and a little more open in places than the Blue Ridge, with incredible views into the Shenadoah National Park. The usual team gathered after b'fast; Ian, Dave, Erica and I drove out of Staunton, VA and found a new participant to join us.  Steve, in his Blue Cooper S, waiting to meet us at the park entrance. No sooner had we started to drive the Skyline Drive than we saw a brown bear run up the side of the embankment - in fact we saw a great deal of wildlife, deer and pheasants crossing the road during the run today. It is truly a beautiful area, the temp was in the 60s so the superchargers loved it.

The Ice Cream stop lunchtime was excellent!  A beautiful place in the center of Hagerstown, Maryland called Bones and Cones. Here they cater tasty treats for their customers and the place is pet friendly with a large collection of yummy dog treats.  They had prepared priority parking right outside the shop for us, in what was a very busy town, so we felt like celebrities.  We all arrived, met the owners and then ran off to the remarkably scrumptious Rhubarb House across the street. It was the best sit-down lunch we have had on the trip and they plied us with crab corn chowder and nutritious salads so everyone got some good healthy vitals today.

Dsc00969-3Dsc00970-1Back at Bones and Cones, we tasted some very remarkable ice cream and enjoyed the delightful MINI cookies that they had made especially for us. Then we converted the owner into being a future MINI owner and we took some group pictures. Thank you kind people Hagerstown, thank you Charles and all the wonderful people who work at the shop, you really made us feel welcome.

Dsc00971-3Dsc00972From there it was back on the highway and the increase on traffic, diminishing weather conditions and road works that drew everything to a complete halt, it was becoming much harder work to make the miles. Between three of us with GPS systems, we managed to democratize a working route that took us through some rather interesting back roads and finally into Frackville PA and to the Hotel. Everyone was making a late arrival including those who had stuck to the highway and visited the Yuengling Brewery. So it was a very quick pit stop then back off on the quest...for the white gold - ice cream.

A very interesting route took us up hill and down dale until we arrived at a local legend - Leiby's who had been serving the community of Tamaqua, Pennsylvania since 1965.  A huge facility with plenty of MINI parking, the arrival of our groups, swelled now to well over 20 cars didn't seem the phase them at all, in fact we learned another group of 17 had just showed up and before long we quenching our thirsts and getting a good supper. Followed, of course by a little ice cream.



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