The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 5

Posted by murmini Thu, 14 Jun 2007 06:37:22 GMT

With the promise of more rain and storms we head north to Scranton, Pennsylvania, Danbury, Connecticut and finally into Sturbridge, Massachusetts for tonight's stay.

Day5-A-1With over 300 miles to do today and much slower driving conditions, we barely had time to squeeze in one ice cream shop but are we glad that we did. It was the Riverside Creamery, in Port Jervis, NY and sits on the edge of the Delaware River.

Shop-2Counter-2It dates back to the late 40's but was completely restored in 1999. It had an extensive and creative menu of ice cream and a terrific collection of fudge made on the premisses.

Ian Cull of GBMINI discovered his true passion in life - the Deep Fried Ice Cream - soft ice cream fried in a corn casing and then smothered with chocolate and drizzled with fudge. He ate two of them! In fact many people found this unique delight to be the pinnacle of decadence and completely irresistible. You can see the look of sheer ecstasy on Robyn's face as she takes the first bite.

Dsc00991Robyn-1Fried Ice Cream-1There was a great gathering of about 15 MINIS and it created quite a spectacle as we traversed the New York and Connecticut countryside and small towns. This part of the country is really beautiful and very reminiscent of England.  The down side was the large amount of local traffic and trucks that just slowed everything down.

A lot of afternoon driving against an ever increasing traffic load as we headed back onto the Interstate taking us to Sturbridge, Massachusetts for our overnight.  Dinner was at a great local Pizza joint that only involved driving one additional mile. Then an early night tonight and an early start tomorrow.



  1. QWKSLVR said 29 minutes later:

    Jeez…THAT Ice Cream looks terrific.. ...maybe we can ‘suggest’ that one to Stratton..!!!..LOL..:-}

  2. Pedro said about 3 hours later:

    Cool – Danbury, CT. Make sure you say hey to zzMini for me Murray!

  3. bluzeke said 1 day later:

    . . .what? Ian – you could only eat TWO?! I’d think after a week’s worth of “training”, THREE would’ve been a walk in the park! ;-)

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