The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 6

Posted by murmini Fri, 15 Jun 2007 06:43:10 GMT

An early morning start out of Sturbridge, Massachusetts with a threatening sky but no actual rain. We battled the early morning traffic of I-94, 495 and 95 before getting out of Massachusetts, through New Hampshire and into Maine.

Day6-ABut not before stopping at the beautiful city of Haverhill, Massachusetts. They certainly have an excellent Ice Cream Shop and our slightly early arrival didn't phase them a bit. As we rolled into town we were directed by police to a cordoned-off parking area by the river and then we walked to England's Microcreamery run by Jane England. We did notice a few fire engines down the street and even a spot of smoke... but it all added to the excitement of the town.

Englands CreameryJane was very pleased to see us and explained that she had been making ice cream for about 15 years and was totally committed to producing the best possible product right there on the premises. The selection was incredible and you could pick and chose any flavors, they then weighed the cone or cup at the end and just charged by weight accordingly.
Dsc00995-2It was a charming shop right on main street and pretty soon filled with the familiar faces of our group. I was completely taken by her Sweat Cream variety, simply ice cream with no additional flavors or additions. It was purely what ice cream should be. The shop was bustling with MINI people so Jane climbed up a ladder to welcome us all and give us a little history of her career.  She explained that her husband's loves Guinness was what prompted the development of he Guinness Ice Cream and what a great idea it was - it was delicious.

Dsc00998-2Turns out the fire department had the blaze well and truly under control, so our friendly local police officer, Patrolman Scott Gleed had the idea that we should bring all the MINIs into the main street and park them either side at an angle - seeing as how the fire department had blocked the whole street.  So with everyones help, we moved the cars and we had ourselves a happening!  The Mayor, James Fiorentini came along and introduced himself to each of us and talked about our run and the place was is full 'event' mode in no time. After much fun and of course ice cream, we decided it was time to go and the police department kindly escorted us with full lights and sirens, back up to the highway and on our way.

Thank you Haverhill!  It was a great start to our day and we really appreciated your hospitality. We also really appreciated Jane's love for ice cream, her wonderful shop and her incredibly delicious ice cream.

Dsc01008With a smile on our faces and our foot on the gas, we headed off to the coast of Maine. It really is a wonderful experience to drive along the coastal highway and see the spray coming over the road from the pounding waves. Here we are all lined up on the edge of the beach.
Dsc01010Dsc01012 2Dsc01013Then it was on to Brown's Ice Cream, in York Maine. Built into the rocks around the corner from Nubble Light the place has been in business for over 40 years. Their incredible range of flavors included Explosion, with chocolate, truffles, or Wild Maine Blueberry, but you couldn't go wrong with Ginger, Indian Pudding, or Rum Raisin. Everyone loved it as well as the brisk coastal air, where the temperature was about 59 degrees. Then it was on to see the world's largest rotating globe at the Delorme Map Store  near Freeport.

Dsc01018Picture 1-10
Now, in case you think we might skip an ice cream stop or two, I want to assure you we did full justice to the list today stopping again just outside Freeport to try the delights of Classic Custard - frozen custard, that is ice cream with a touch of egg, which we all enjoyed, and then a quick visit to LL Bean.

Then back on the road for some serious driving all the way up to Rockland, Maine, were there was just time for a visit with the good people at Thorndike Creamery. A really nice shop that was one of the town's old hostelries and now serving some creamy delights. Sarah told us all about the history and then we sampled how she had mastered the art of Wild Blueberry Ice Cream as well many, many other flavors.

Ian Cull, of GBMINI left us today in Haverhill, as he had to get up to MINIS ON TOP in preparation for the weekend. Ian we enjoyed riding with you and all of the great pictures you took of the trip. They can be viewed here.



  1. MappyB said 6 days later:

    I’m so excited for you that you were able to visit DeLorme! I am planning a trip through that area for the end of July – and then on up to Halifax. I can’t wait!

    Glad the Mini Run was fun!

  2. murmini said about 1 month later:

    Yes – the best part was the huge Delorme globe covered with their maps. It actually rotates on the same axis as the earth, though quick enought to watch it fully rotate about every 10 minutes.

  3. jenny said about 1 year later:

    wow were is the biggest icecream ever?well by the way i’m 8 years old and my birthday is coming up would you like to make the BIGGEST birthday cake for me i’m tuning 9 next year.well write back

  4. murmini said about 1 year later:

    Well Jenny… I am not sure ! but we sure at a lot on that trip . . !!! Happy Birthday (coming up)

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