The Great Ice Cream Run - Day 7

Posted by murmini Fri, 15 Jun 2007 07:24:20 GMT

Well it's finally coming to an end. Today we will visit our last ice cream shop, as we make it to Bar Harbor, Maine.

Day7-A-1We left Rockland, Maine, and followed the coast all around the bay. Past Belfast, Bucksport and Ellsworth, finally getting into Bar Harbor around the middle of the day. This is a beautiful part of the country and obviously a summer destination for many.

The town is a huge attraction to tourists and the streets bustled with overflowing sidewalks and solid traffic. We found a good parking area and walked up to CJ's Big Dipper for our end of the run get together.  We all took some group pictures and then, in a moment, it was over. So then we walked up the street to Ben and Bill's Chocolate Emporium and tried some lobster ice cream. We were all a bit underwhelmed by that and felt that we had certainly eaten better tasting ice cream on the trip, bu the people were nice and we all stood outside and said goodbye.

So it was over and we separated, with quite a few people going on to NEw Hampshire for MINIS on Top, some staying locally to explore Bar Harbor and I retraced my steps and then headed out to Deer Island Maine to visit with a friend.

It had been a splendid trip, some remarkable ice cream but above all some really great people. Thank you all for your great companionship and for all the fun we had.





  1. bluzeke said about 4 hours later:

    . . . just wondering – now that you’ve done ice cream, what’s your eating “theme” during the long road trip home? Green vegetables?!

    Enjoy and Thanks for the reports!

  2. said about 6 hours later:

    Can’t be over that soon!! I don’t think you’ve have nearly enough ice-cream.

  3. =:¬) said 1 day later:

    More Cowbells?

  4. jarlath Crowe said 2 days later:

    We missed having you eat a lobster ice cream at the last stop in Bar Harbor. We all enjoyed your company on the run. We owe you a big thanks for hosting the Savannah stop at the Leopold’s Ice Cream on Broughton St. I had 2 delicious ice cream cones and a milk shake there!

  5. Ian F said 3 days later:

    A huge thank you to Murmini and all of his, humor, assistance and encouragement throughout this event.

    The whole trip was simply incredible. I can’t say whether or not there will be another, but never say never!

  6. CooperSharon said 3 days later:

    Joined TGICR in PA and had a blast. Great meeting you, Murmini. Hope you enjoyed the stay on Deer Island.

  7. Robyn said 4 days later:

    Murray, it was a pleasure to finally meet you after all the months of planning and emailing. Look forward to running into you again somewhere down the road. : )

  8. PaulGraz said 4 days later:

    Murray it was great to meet you and drive with you this past week. It’s too bad you couldn’t join us for MOT, but I understand. I never got a Murmini T-shirt! I’ll be placing an order soon – will wait for you to get home and catch your breath…

  9. Becca said 5 days later:

    Savannah was wonderful! We wish we had more time there. Next time, we will! Thank you kindly for the tee. That Mini logo is very clever. I’ll spread the word that you sell them. Everyone is talking about your mad dash back to the motel after Leiby’s! Wow, you racing up the hills! Poor Ian could hardly keep up with you & Jar was real excited to keep up with you! I was praying that he doesn’t wreck my Mini S, but Bonnie Blue did very well at the curves.

  10. Grisel said 6 days later:

    It was great meeting you and thank you for the great Savannah ice cream event. We had great fun. Hope to see you again

  11. murmini said 6 days later:

    Well, belive it or not but its Thursday June 21 and I have still not made it home! I did stop off at a friends place on Deer Island, Maine and visited another friend in Connecticut. Then I got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and drove most of it all the way to Asheville. Now its the last few miles on 26 and 95. Its been quite a trip and I enjoyed meeting all The Great Ice Cream folks very much.

  12. The DOODAH MINI said 9 days later:

    It was great to meet you and to ride with you from Frackville to Bar Harbour. Hopefully we will see you at The Dragon and maybe even back to Sav. Ga. Drive fast-drive safe**Ron Nan & Willy

  13. loemrntdherid1 said over 11 years later:

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