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Posted by murmini Thu, 26 Jul 2007 09:26:57 GMT

Well I must thank all of the people who have sent me emails over the past few weeks enquiring if all is well.  It is and thank you...I have just been busy.

Returning from the destination of The Great Ice Cream Run in Bar Harbor, Maine, I managed to take a fairly leisurely route visiting friends in Deer Island, Main and Sharron, Connecticut. Coming south, I alternated between I-81 and Hy 11, which is a beautiful way to experience the Shenandoah National Park. I am not one who enjoys interstate driving that much, but 81 is a great road. Running from the Canadian border at Fishers Landing, New York,  all the way to Dandridge, Tennessee, it pretty mush follows the Appalachian Mountains. It takes you a litle further west than I-95 but is a very different and pleasant alternative to the East Coast corridor. Throughout the Shenandoah Valley, there are plenty of opportunities to join it's predecessor, US-11 and experience some quite spectacular countryside and driving.

I had enjoyed the Blue RIdge Parkway so much on the way north I fulfilled the promise to myself of doing it again, the other way around. It is some wonderful driving and mid-week, it has such little traffic, I pretty much had the road to myself. Again, I was thrilled with the responsiveness and surefooted feel of the Eagle F1s and must admit that with over 5,000 miles on them now I am very pleased with them indeed.

Just a bit south of Kingsport, North Carolina, I got onto I-26 and visited Asheville and then headed back to Savannah via Columbia, South Carolina. The land became flatter and the highway straighter as I neared the coast and pretty soon, the trip was over.

1st Sunday in July we gathered in Savannah with the MINIs of Coastal MINIS and had a great run to St.Simons Island with a terrific group of people from Jacksonville. Nick from Tom Bush, the MINI dealer in Jacksonville Florida, joined us in his personal 2007 Blue MCS complete with Hammer and Coop stripes and it was great to see Debbie and Todd again in their dark silver cabrio.  We stopped (as we often do) at the MINI church in Hy17 and had a great run to St. Simons Island, where we met up with Felicia and had lunch at The Sandcastle courtesy of Tom Bush.  Yum! and thank you very much!.

Stephanie has posted some great pictures here. The parking on the island was a bit challenging due to a huge art festival , bu we made it and  managed to get back on the road before the heavens opened. What a great trip and so wonderful to see new faces and old friends from Jacksonville. Looks like CoastalMINIS has made it as a regional club and I look forward to more great monthly events.



  1. Matt said about 22 hours later:

    Good to see you are still with us. So just how many miles do you have on your MINI now? Are you trying to have some final quality time before you get an R56???

  2. murmini said 1 day later:

    Currently I have just over 50,000 fun-filled miles on the car. No, not looking for an R56 just yet. I like the new MINS but I also have a love for the way my JCW MCS performs and I have everything just about right. Maybe in a year or so!.

  3. RB said 1 day later:

    Didn’t know there was a problem, hope all is good with you. Going 2 b at MITM’s?

  4. RB said 1 day later:

    As to the R56, I must say within the last few days I have had a few revelations about the car. Gabe’s slick Black MCS and this AC Schnitzer Aero kit, which IMHO is way better than the MINI Aero kit, makes me think I may see one in about 5 years. I think those two styling cues help me with some of the stuff I really dislike.

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