Fireball Tim - Driving With Passion

Posted by murmini Mon, 20 Aug 2007 12:19:18 GMT

Anyone who attended MINI Takes The States last year and spent any time with FireBall Tim will know just how wacky he is. Well today he published a great motoring manual called 'Driving With Passion' as a downloadable e-book.

FIREBALL TIM, of Fireballed Racing fame, a movie car designer and famed for his 'fastest MINI ever', has produced a fully downloadable 64 page pdf Driver's EBOOK! THE FIRST EVER INSPIRATIONAL DRIVER'S HANDBOOK, designed to inspire great driving adventures for the true Automotive Enthusiast. As Tim says, 'Real driving comes from those that seek more than just the desire to get from place to place. It's a burning desire to discover new things, places and ideas. 'Driving With Passion' is available here, along with a great MINI Rockets Book 1 colouring book for kids. A pdf COLORING TRAVEL BOOK for kids with 5 of the wildest FIREBALLED MINI COOPERS on the planet! Just the thing for road trips!

Great stuff Tim - Get Fireballed !Fbtim



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    Thanks, Murray!

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