US Sale of MINI Diesel Petition

Posted by murmini Mon, 15 Oct 2007 14:58:00 GMT

Well, just when you thought the topic was dead, someone comes up with a petition. I received an email from Mike Shafer this morning telling me how he is heading up a petition to have the MINI Diesel made available to the US market and tells me they already have 600 signatures. If you would like to sign the petition, it is available here.

We all know how there are some very specific reasons why MINI will not be selling this car in the USA, without some real legislative changes in a number of key states. The primary issue is emissions and in particular, the level of NOx produced by the car. So because it does not meet the emissions regulations in all 50 states a large number of MINI dealers would not be able to sell the car and the cost of Federalizing it across all 50 states does not qualify the potential sales figures. Still it will be very interesting to see how many people sign the petition and it does give us all a chance to voice our opinion on the matter.



  1. Robyn said about 21 hours later:

    Hey Murray! I put a link to this up on NEMINI. Lots of folks up here have been complaining bitterly about the fact that we can’t get the diesel over here.

  2. pbraun said 1 day later:

    I absolutely hate the way iPetitions asks you for money for their cause.

  3. murmini said 1 day later:

    Those WEB 2.0 apps have to find a way to pay for themselves somehow!

  4. BB said 1 day later:

    Voted. Here’s hoping that with some serious changes in the USA, and perhaps with the diesel engine) that this will come to pass in the next few years.

  5. RB said 12 days later:

    All I have read points out it's too expensive for BMW to add the correct diesel technology to the present car to meet our diesel standards.

  6. Mike Shafer said 19 days later:

    Thanks folks for signing the petition! I know there are legal reasons but I still think we should let BMW know how much we want the MINI Cooper diesel!

  7. dani said about 1 month later:

    Why would BMW let VW corner the market on economical European diesels? If VW can do it, so can BMW! I love my MINI, and if it got that kind of mileage you would have to pry me out of it! I added my name to the petition, and I will let others know…thanks for posting this!

  8. David Hodge said 2 months later:

    We are always asked is about the milage and people are always disapointed. A diesel would make sense so we will probably never get one. How do you get on your mailing list 

  9. murmini said 2 months later:

    David, we don’t really have a mailing list, although you can subscribe to our RSS feeds – details here.

  10. Paul said 6 months later:

    I wanted to join the petition, but I’m not going to pay ipetition to do so. There’s this thing called “advertising” that most websites use to support for their expenses. ipetition should look into it.

  11. murmini said 6 months later:

    I fully agree with you Paul, I think your still signing it even if you do not make the donation. Have they changed something? I will have to investigate.

  12. Robert Johnson said 7 months later:

    The United States needs more cars like the Mini Cooper Diesel. What are we going to do what until gas is $8.00 dollar a gallon before we get high mileage car on the US market.

  13. Natane Engle said 7 months later:


  14. Ken Marks said 7 months later:

    And I for one would be happy to pay $8 per gallon if I could buy a Mini diesel…

  15. andyp said 7 months later:

    Can i go to Canada and buy a MINI diesel? I WANT ONE !

  16. murmini said 7 months later:

    Well I don’t think you can buy one in Canada yet, but there has been some talk of it happening. However, I think you going to run into all kinds of registration issues unless you live there and then move here (that may be an alternative right?)

    Some years back I tried to do the same thing with a diesel Land Rover out of Canada and I got about as far as the first bureaucrat and gave up, plus the fact that the dealer here will have nothing to do with it and so forget your warranty. As I would be wanting to convert it to veggie, and would want to buy a used one, thats less of an issue.

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