Red Bull MINI Convertible

Posted by murmini Thu, 15 Nov 2007 11:44:11 GMT

I don't think that I have ever seen a Red Bull MINI Convertible before. This one was spotted by my son in Kensington, London. Traditionally, they have used a truncated MINI Cooper coupe with the can angled up from the rear and a place for coolers carrying the drink.

RedbullIn addition to sports sponsorships, Red Bull has developed the Mobile Energy Team program consisting mostly of college students, who drive specially designed Red Bull "Racers".

The racers are detailed with the Red Bull logo, and most carry an oversized can of Red Bull on their chassis. The vehicles chosen to-date have been Suzuki Vitaras, SportTracs and of course, Mini Coopers.



  1. Ian C. said about 10 hours later:

    Interesting … the only one I’ve seen is the chopped-off hardtop; I wonder if this roof can still fold down?

  2. murmini said about 10 hours later:

    Good question! I am assuming it does not attach to the roll bars but to a bracket on the boot or rear of car, so it still should be able to open…

  3. RB said about 21 hours later:

    Seen lotsa Red Bull MINI’ but never a Cab. Still pissed they dropped Scott Speed for F1 team!

    Off to LA Auto Show today.

  4. pbraun said 2 days later:

    Nice find! And, RB – they were wrong about Scott Speed. I am miffed about that also!

  5. RB said 3 days later:

    Glad they dropped Luizzi but Scott's replacement Vettel I think is a real find. Don't know why anyones drinks Red Bull? I tried one while driving my daughter's Cooper from Boston to LA. Tossed it after I drank about 3/4 of it.

  6. Kenric Russell said about 1 month later:

    I see our Honolulu Red Bull MINI driving around all over the place ( out here, and they’re usually driving way too fast! Too much Red Bull? I agree with RB, about half a can is enough for me.

  7. Andrew said 2 months later:

    The Mini can get enough attention on its own without this kind of parallel marketing. I hate to see a beautiful automobile bastardized this way. I mean the whole point of the Mini is to blend great looks and great driving performance in a small and affordable package. That “can” on the back has to wreak havoc on the weight and balance of the car. What a waste of a primo machine!! I nearly shed I tear when I saw one of these poor Minis on the Washington DC beltway.

  8. Bugsy said 4 months later:

    I took a pic of this car in Berlin in Feb 08, I love minis!

  9. devannettie said 5 months later:

    what made you come up with that>?

  10. Mike G said 6 months later:

    I want one. Cooper S without the can. Sort of an “El Cooperino”. At least until the rumoured “roadster” arrives.

  11. Tintin said 6 months later:

    Hmm.. if only it was on a real mini!

  12. Jenn said 11 months later:

    I saw a RED BULL MINI COOPER (truck?) today driving on State Route 770 South of Bradford, Pennsylvania. At the intersection of rt 770, the cutie made a left on highway 59 headed towards US Route 219. This mini had California Tags… xxVV789 (xx – means I forgot the first two digits)

  13. bluesguy, NY said about 1 year later:

    Took a photo of the car near Chinatown, NYC after the Chinese New Year Parade.

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