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Posted by murmini Wed, 21 Nov 2007 08:08:25 GMT

WOW... talk about time flying... its was two years ago this month I launched this blog and I can hardly believe it.

Murmini started in November of 2005 with this post:

There sure are a lot of Minis in Savannah. I was chased by one over the President Street bridge this morning and see one now almost every two or three days. The odd wave, or hands thrown up through the sunroof remind me that the camaraderie of Mini ownership lives on. Hopefully we can pull a few enthusiasts together and ride out to the beach or something….. well just because its fun. Nov. 2005.

Since then, the local MINI club - Coastal MINIS is now 1 year old this past month and has 8 - 10 members turning out regularly for their Monthly Motoring event, so things have come along way.

Since the beginning of this blog I have posted 123 articles and received over 360 comments.

Above all, I am most grateful to all of the members of the MINI community. For those I have met on events like MTTS, or The Great Ice Cream Run and for those I have never met but have been so supportive in their emails and comments.

Thank you all!

I look forward to year three!




  1. Ian C. said about 11 hours later:

    Congrats, Murray … great to know you :)

  2. RB said 2 days later:

    Hey Murray, Someday maybe we’ll meet. I enjoy your blog and hope all’s well in your life and MINI-Land.

  3. mike c. said 2 days later:

    I look forward to celebrating my anniversaries. I’m just over 8 months and loving every drive. I wish the hand wave happened more often here. On a work day I see a dozen or more MINIs each day and I never get a wave back. The only time I get a wave now is on a fun drive away from traffic.

  4. murmini said 11 days later:

    Thanks for your comments and emails.

  5. Pedro said 21 days later:

    Congrats Murray!!!

  6. paulgraz said about 1 month later:

    Congrats on 2 years Murray!

    ... & Happy Hollidays!

  7. שוקולד said about 1 month later:

    Happy Birthday!;) thanks for the wonderful blog!

  8. Charell said 3 months later:

    I am learning about MINI USA here in las vegas at the speed way, awesome product.

  9. Fireball Tim said 3 months later:

    Congratulations, Murray!!

  10. Jam master Jim said 3 months later:

    Right on !!

  11. Monicats said 3 months later:

    Keep Motoring

  12. Ryan said 3 months later:

    Consider leasing MINI’s to your customers. This forces them to come back to you much more quickly (and purchase or lease a new MINI). This also give you an off-lease car to certify as MINI NEXT.

  13. HANS said 3 months later:


  14. cameron said 3 months later:

    We love MINI Clubman

  15. murmini said 3 months later:

    We love MINI too! Thanks for the posts… hope the training is going very well….! Say hello to Jimmy!

  16. pbraun said 3 months later:


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