MINI Takes The States 2008

Posted by murmini Fri, 02 May 2008 19:00:54 GMT

MINI Takes the States 2006 was about as much fun as you can have in a MINI and believe it or not, its that time again! All the excitement has been building and by now you should be registered at one of the four locations.

In 2006, thousands of MINI owners motored from Coast to Coast (read about some of the exploits here. This time the activities will focus on four major cities, Miami, Boston, Chicago and LA.

Commencing June 13th - 15th in Miami, the events will continue in Boston June 20th - 22nd, then on to Chicago July 25th - 27th and finally Los Angeles August 1st - 3rd.

All the details including registration can be found here and the MINI Takes the States blog can be found here with all the very latest information and an RSS feed.

So sign up, plan your destination and start counting the days to MTTS 2008



  1. Ian C. said 11 days later:

    So, what are you doing, Murray?

  2. murmni said 11 days later:

    Ian, I am going to host the White Roof Radio guys and the Flying Fin when they arrive in Savannah on the 16th and probably drive up to Charleston for the night with them. Unfortunately, although I did register, I don’t think I am going to be able to do more than that. Hmmm I did receive a note from Robyn regarding The Great Ice Cream Run II FOR 09, I would have to culminate that with a run up Mt. Washington for MOT 09 – don’t you know!

  3. Pedro said 12 days later:

    Sure hope you change your mind and come to Miami!!

  4. murmni said 12 days later:

    Thank you Pedro – I sure want to, but its a case of timing!

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