Ban Boredom Campaign

Posted by murmini Thu, 22 May 2008 13:02:18 GMT

Interesting new viral marketing campaign from MINI add agency WCRS launches in the UK this week with some new TV advertisements.

The first featuring a longboat of Mini-driving Vikings invading a beach full of volleyball players can be seen here. The other one is customized for the home shopping audience. Both adds will drive viewers to a website, where they will be encouraged to "nominate and obliterate" things that are boring by driving a digital Mini into them.

The campaign is going to be supported by posters featuring the two TV ads as well as outdoor billboards located in 'boring' places. I think we can assume it will find its way over to this side of the Atlantic before too long.

Now, I don't want to imply is in any way 'boring' but here is a view of what happens when you enter a url and obliterate the site. (be nice now!)




  1. RB said about 2 hours later:

    Hey not boring but maybe way to few posts.


  2. Fireball Tim! said 3 days later:

    Yea, Murray! We want to hear more about MINIS in Savannah!

  3. murmini said 4 days later:

    Thanks guys…. Tim, even more Savannah MINI info here.

  4. Anne said 9 months later:

    Love the ad campaign. Very clever. for another viral ad campaign google pomegranate phone

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