MTTS In Savannah

Posted by murmini Thu, 19 Jun 2008 13:01:46 GMT

We were delighted that Savannah was one of the selected 'pit stops' on "The Flying Finn Miami to Boston Rally", part of MINI USA's "MINI Takes The States 2008".

Following the weekend activities in Miami, the entourage headed north to St Augustine, Florida then Savannah, GA for lunch on Monday before overnighting in Charleston, SC

We were most honored to have "The Flying Finn -" Rauno Aaltonen, as our guest. Rauno is a 'well seasoned' winner of the European Rally Championship and Gallaher 500 (in a MINI Cooper S.) as well as having won the RAC Rally in 1965, the Monte Carlo Rally in 1967 and the Southern Cross Rally in 1977. Aaltonen finished second on six occasions in the Safari Rally, which is considered one of the most difficult courses in rally racing.

Wilson Mcdowell JohnsonAlso present at our local event was Jim Mc.Dowel, President of MINI USA and Mayor Johnson who was able to come by for a spot of lunch. We have to thank the people at Blowin' Smoke BBQ, who provided us with great food and much needed cold refreshment.

A very special thanks should go out to Sean Brandon, assistant to Savannah's city manager who was so accommodating when I asked him where I could squeeze some 30 - 40 MINIS in the middle of the day! Sean came through (as ever) and we really appreciate all that you did for us. Big thanks also to Brian for helping with the parking, Larry and Martha for representing Coastal MINIS down in St Augustine and for Stephanie and Lem for making the St. Augustine trip and for leading them all back to Savannah.

Picture 2An interesting point was that Blowin' Smoke's patio is a beautiful space that used to be a road between two buildings prior to it's construction. The street sign remains and it's called MINIS Street! Everyone loved that and ot certainly became one of the day's photo ops.

I was able to show the good guys from White Roof Radio, db, Todd and Todd's wife Deanne a little bit of Savannah. We even found enough time to catch some ice cream at Leopold's and to meet with Stratton Leopold. Then it was a quick 'peek' at the old Indy track on Hutchinson Island - just for historical purposes of course!

Minis Blowin' Smoke-1Then off to Charleston with db of WWR as my co-pilot for a wonderful Low Country Boil, prizes, music and more fun with MINI of Charleston. Brad Davis and his team did a slap-up job of feeding and entertaining us at Patriots Point and everyone had a great time.

After all the festivities were over it was back to the hotel to relax and then a wonderful evening in the bar with Rauno telling his terrific tales of adventure and intrigue.

Raunu Chas-1Believe me, it was a sad departure for me to come back down to Savannah and I came dangerously close to going all the way up to Boston with them as they continued north to Virginia Beach for their next overnight.

Great fun everybody... great fun!



  1. Pedro said about 4 hours later:

    Awesome Murray!!! Wish I was there!

  2. Ian C. said about 9 hours later:

    You should have come up, Murray! You don’t get many chances in life ;)

  3. Peter B. said 1 day later:

    Wish you would have come up all the way, Murray! I am lucky to be going to Boston on Friday night for the festivities Saturday and Sunday.

  4. Stephanie said 2 days later:

    YES..we had a GRAND time in St. Augustine especially so as Saturday evening grew late and I furiously ticking away at my laptop AND conversing with Murray..hear the HIGH whine of many Super Chargers zooming into our hotels’ parking lot.. Turned out to be a huge MTTS group ..Luke and the M2C2 Club members just got in from Miami!!!..What a BLAST!!!

  5. JCWGP said 4 days later:

    loved the MINIS street sign. Sounded like a lot of fun.

  6. Nate09565 said 8 months later:

    Great to see Georgia has other Mini Cooper groups

  7. murmini said 8 months later:

    Yes Nate, we also have an active local club in Savannah called Coastal MINIS

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