More Viral Stuff...

Posted by murmini Mon, 21 Jul 2008 08:09:30 GMT

Once again, I have been hit with some viral marketing. This time its the JCW. . .but this one is good... be patient... and apparently, there's more to come.



  1. pbraun said 29 days later:

    viral! JCW is good.

  2. said about 1 month later:


    I just found this link, not sure how often this site is updated.

  3. SpecTees said 4 months later:

    Kind of a long intro but interesting video.

  4. said 11 months later:

    Looking for others owning Minis in Savannah, GA,

  5. murmini said 11 months later:

    Dan, there is a meet every 1st Sunday of the month at Starbucks coffee shop on Victory drive. Here are the details.

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